fredag 18. mai 2012

Sseko Sandals - Product with meaning!

It's coming up on summer and a lot of us wants The pair of sandals that you will wear all the time. Well here they are! These sandals gives you the choice to change your style everyday, and by purchasing these sandals you will support females of Uganda.

Sseko /say-ko/ Designs was created to help some of the brightest, most comitted young women in Uganda continue their education. The Ugandan school systems is designed with a nine month gap between secondary school and University. These nine months are intended to allow time for students to earn money for tuition before continuing on to University. However, in an impoverished and male dominated society, many of these young women struggle to find fair work during this time.
Sseko Designs hires recent secondary school graduates for this nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their University education. These women will not make sandals forever. They will go on to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers, and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war.

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