tirsdag 6. desember 2011

Call it What You Want

A friend at UNBC, Ida, is making a music video to a song by Foster the People (Call it What you Want), and casting us UNBC students to make a UNBC music video. I'm not gonna say to much, but we are randomly assigned to do varies poses/shots around campus. I may or may not have been playing drums in the shower! ;) This video filming thing is so much more fun than reading to my exams, and that is why the time is 11:30pm and I have three more chapters to read before my exam tomorrw, and I also should have done some revising, but at least if I just get through all the text I may have a shot. :p

It's gonna be fun to see the finished product!
Ida is really creative, so let us just hope that
her props (us) is doing a good enough job posing. :p

Now I'm loaded up on Rockstar and ready for an all nighter! 
Evolutionary psych exam : here I come!


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