mandag 12. desember 2011

Another semester is over....

Goodbye Prince George, I'll miss you! Or I'll miss UNBC, and all the awesome people! <3 I've packed my bags, cleaned out my room, and is sitting on two huge suitcases and a Carry on. With this I'm gonna make my way to Vancouver where I'll stay for a couple of days before I go home. I can't wait to go home!! My bestest friend Siri will pick me up (hopefully with a norwegian flag! hint hint). :p But Vancouver is going to be fun as well! :D Just chillaxing and spending the rest of my money, maybe on some christmas gifts. :D Well, I don't know if I can fit more stuff in my suitcase, but hey, what's a trip without some overweight ey? ;)

Prince George, you have been so welcoming!
I've felt like you took good care of me, and I am sad to leave.

This is for you:

Look what I found at the grocery store! :D

Where I lived for three months

One of my crazy ass, cutie patootie, roommates

Sushi! <3

Sarah has a problem. She's addicted to dying her hair. ;)

Not my finest moment. :p

My finest moment..... 0.o (Thanksgiving)

Northern Sports Centre aka the Gym

I spent a couple of times here..... 

Snow <3

My other cute roommate! :)

A group of awesome kids! <3



Fire Alarm is awesome! 

Posing in the autumn sun! :p Lol

Posing with the scenery

We trapped our selves inside a cage next to a jackal (aka fixing roof)


The prettiest Owl Ever!!

Cutest dog! 

Cutest Miniature Owls!! <3

Cute little church

............ ........... ............ ........... .........

<3 ttyl <3

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