fredag 25. november 2011

The Wombats Rocks!

$25 !!! That's what I had to spend on a ticket to a bad ass The Wombats concert, with two rather fun warm up bands : The Strait Jackets, & The Postelles
$25 is nothing!

The Strait Jackets were cool. They had energy and style. You could see that they weren't that experienced, and the vocalist managed to rip out the cable from the mic two times, so the drummer had to sing while he fumbled it together again. :p

The Postelles were more classy, and experienced. They were my favourite of the guest bands.

The Wombats was Awesome! They started with Our Perfect Disease, which is one of my favourite songs. The rest of the concert just flew by, with hit after hit, after hit. <3

As you can see we were close to the bass player, so he bacame our main focus.
He did not disappoint, with an insane energy!


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