tirsdag 8. november 2011


Friday: I'm taking out my chicken for dinner, planning a study plan for the weekend: read, eat, read, read, read, eat, read, sleep, read, read, eat, read etc. Curls up at her desk in her slacks, ready to study


We're going to Jasper and have one spot available. COME! 
....... my head hurts. I so want to go, but I have a shitload to do ...
We leave in 40 min, you have 2 min to decide! COME!
You'll never have this oppurtunity again, it's cheap, we are also gonna study some.
.... my blood pressure rises, and I really want to say no and stay at campus just studying, but something is stirring inside. It is acctually a once in a lifetime, because I'm soon going home. My exams are pretty much gonna be turned into a pass or fail when I get back, so no point in struggling for an A. :p I know who stupid it sounds, but right now it's the straw I'm clinging to. So I threw all caution to the wind and said yes.

40 min later I was showered and packed and "ready to go". My hands was shaking, and my head hurts, but I took an Ibuprofen and ignored it.
I like to say that I am spontanous and stuff, but I am a planning adventurer I guess. Because it hurt, and it was hard to say yes eventhough I really wanted to. I had already planned my weekend, and it's just not that easy to throw that out the window in a second. If nothing was happening that weekend I would have been Ready Freddy, but the fact that my midterms was gonna be affected held me back.

Well, enough about my oh so nervewrecking decision making skills, and over to the actual trip!
A-Ma-Zing!! ;)

A miniscule amount of studying, but a lot of sightseeing.

The cutest squirrel 

Elk!! There where hundreds of them at one particular spot. It was crazy.
Too bad, I only had my iPhone with me. 

The cafe where I did some studying and ate the best sticky bun ever!

Fox? Coyote? Wolf? 

The tallest mountain of the Rockies, clouded by....... clouds.

Edit: Yes, I failed the test I had the monday after this trip! ;) By a long shot! 

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