søndag 13. november 2011

I tried to be social in a stressed exam situation....

Oh noes! I should have known better right?
Yep, I don't play well with others in my exam period.
But I tried, cause I couldn't not take the opportunity to go to Smithers and Vancouver.

I had fun both places, but I was stressed.
And now I'm swamped.

No more midterms! I celebrated that for 5 minutes before I remembered what else is on the agenda. So what's going on this week? Oh, let me share:
- I have a video assignment that is due thursday: a 4-8 minute long video about a subject related to the brain. I chose Narcolepsy. I will post the video later.
- A Term Paper in Health Psychology that is due friday: 8 pages about prevention of childhood obesity (pizza as a vegetable anyone?)
- A discussion paper in Neuropsych that also is due friday: short but brilliant paper comparing two articles about frontal lobe patients.
- A term paper in Evolutionary Psychology that is due next friday: 8 pages on humans and homicide.
- Oh, did I forget the take home assignment with 5 patients that we have to assess for Neuropsych?

In between all this I have to read for my final exams. You would think that the final exams aren't that hard, but I'll tell you that even though we have had all this stuff throughout the semester we still have a cumulative 3hr final exam that can contain anything of what we've had about.
Okey, so we have 1 hr less than back home, but we do not have "practice questions" that we can focus on. :p

-----Rant Over------

adding picture of adorable animal:

Clouded Leopard

I want a cat!

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