fredag 4. november 2011


Do you know what is so special about long term mating preference in women in their ovulation cycle or whatever? Well, I should! I just got back from my 2nd midterm in Evolutionary psych, where we tested on our knowledge about Male and female long-term mating strategies, parental conflict, and kin relationships.
I love evolutionary psych, and specially how my life and family does not fit these theories one bit (more on that in a later entry). Our prof. is the best, but he is a hard tester. Hard, but fair I guess. These really specific questions distributed through the tests reveal how much you have paid attention in class.
Yes it's good to know that women prefer slightly older men, but how much more? 2.0? 2.5? 3.5? 4.5? 5.0?

So now I'm taking a little break, with a cup of coffee and the newest episode of Parenthood. After that I should start my next cramming session. On Monday I have a midterm in Health Psych, and on Wednesday I have a test in Neuropsych.
The neuropsych exam freaks me out. It's a fourth year class, and she talks so much away from the text in class. The text is a bit more specialized than biopsych, but I wonder if that is enough for her or if she wants us to remember what she talks about in class. Because I don't! I never do, only exception Evolutionary psych, 'cause Siakaluk is so freaking awesome! :p

AND, I'm nervous about my term papers and the freaking video assignment.
I've decided to have make a video about narcolepsy. :p Definitely gonna paste in some clips of dogs fainting from YouTube. ;) A part from that, I have no idea! 4-8 min? really!!

I'm going off my rocker here! And writing about all the stuff I have to do just makes me more borderline!
So, watching some tv, and thinking about how fun I'm gonna have when I go to Vancouver after my exam on wednesday! :D

Vancouver Skyline


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