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Canada Goose and anti-fur!?

Snow in Prince George! <3
this was a couple of weeks ago, now there is a lot more! 

So, I bought myself a new jacket when I was in Vancouver last weekend. I don't have a down jacket, only a shell jacket, so now I invested in a quality jacket that will last.
I've been eager on my Anti-fur statements, and this and that, so some might call me a hypocrite.

And that is totally fine. I see why you say that.
This is kinda like the way people have started to personalize their religion so it fits their perception, and it might not be correct, but at this time I believe in it. I'm not currently on any extreme end of a continuum of this scale, and I will tell you why.

Drumroll...... I bought myself a Canada Goose jacket.

I knew that the hoodie on a Canada Goose has real fur, so I was reluctant to buy it, and frowned upon other people doing it. So I did some research on why you don't hear people banning Canada Goose everywhere, and burning their jackets (one point is probably because they are so effin' expensive).

I love animals, and I'm fighting for animal rights. But I am not a vegetarian. I would love to be more aware on what I eat, 'cause some farmers drug their chickens so they get so big as they no longer can stand on their legs and chuck them into a to small cage where they "step" on eachother. And that is NOT ok! But I am not against hunting. I recognize the fact that this is how we have survived throughout time, and I see no wrong in that. What I react to is the abusive nature some people show against animals.

Trapping cute furry animals in small cages, treating them like shit just so rich, prissy, dames can wear them is NOT ok!
Trapping animals in inhumane conditions, like overcrowded cubicles where they get fed and drugged so we can buy big chicken filets, is NOT ok!
Pouching endangered animals for fun, and the worth of fur and bone, whatever, is NOT ok!

"I am sad to admit is that I do not have the knowledge about which producers of fx chicken, that has the best conditiones."

What I was happy to see in Canada Goose's fur policy is that they do NOT buy furs from farms of any sorts. The fur they use are of Coyote, and is obtained by supporting the native Canadian communitites of the north, and their centuries-old ways of life that are now being threatened. These communities are ethical in their fundamental approach to hunting.

I see that this is not an easy conundrum, and there are negatives in both sides. I'm not an expert on either subjects of real fur or synthetics, but I know that I do not support fur farms, or hunting of endangered species.
Many anti-fur advocacy groups fail to take into account the environmental impact of the production of synthetic fur. The chemical by-products of this production process have the potential to do more harm to the environment than the use of the fur from animals that are hunted as part of an ancient way of life that balances the needs of people and wildlife. But I know that a lot of brands are starting to use recycled material, like Patagonia.

Yes, I support this.
The blue Canada Goose is a PBI (Polar Bear International) Lim.edt. and
by purchase you are a part of helping saving the Polar Bears.

NO, I do not Support this!

Even after reading this blogpost I might sound contradictory to some, and I will
respect your oppinions as long as they are factual... :)

That's all from me...

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  1. You seem to pride yourself being a hipocrite. NICE. Haven't you ever heard the term, "be a part of the solution, not the problem" ???

    The only way to make positive changes in this world is to stand up for what you believe in and not be a coward and cave-in to trends. Dare to be different!

    You make me very VERRRRRY sad. If I passed you on the street, I would throw paint on you.

    SHAME ON YOU and all your pathetic excuses!!!

  2. P.S. I especially I love the point you tried to make about the environmental impact of synthetic products. Sooo, does this mean that you use all organic materials, ride your bike to work and buy locally grown produce, St. Theresa?

    As intelligent humans we are blessed to have the ability to make moral decisions. The difference between your poor excuse of an argument and mine, is moral values and respect for all living beings, no matter how large or small they may be. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    I'm a vegan and I don't own a single animal product, except for my two adorable Huskies, Milo and Jackson.

    Next time you put that putrid jacket on, take a look in the mirror thank God/Buddah/Allah ect, ect that you weren't born a Coyote.

  3. We can't all be perfect, I get that. But it does break my heart to see so many people abandoning their anti-fur morals for this trend. I'm living in Toronto and all I see are these jackets. Yes, they are more 'ethical' (as ethical as you can be skinning animals for fashion...) than fur farms... but we are educated and intelligent - and have other options. Canada Goose's fur policy is worded in a bias way, which is fair, they are a business. But their statement on the environmental impact of synthetics isn't fair because they also use factories and synthetic materials to produce their coats. It makes people feel like buying fur is the better choice, when it isn't necessarily true.

    Bottom line is that it is 2012, we can stay warm without taking a life so why not do it? My Bench coat is just as toasty - promise! :) Besides, EVERYONE has these coats, sometimes it's nice to be a little unique. I stand out in my white Bench most days, and get many more compliments than my friends who wear the same old Canada Goose jackets that everyone has.

    I hope you find peace within you decisions, as that is most important. But never stop being open minded and compassionate - never stop learning! :)

    Ps. I am also vegan...please don't think we're all like the above commenter. I believe all animals should be treated with respect INCLUDING humans. Not to mention that verbally harassing people never conveys a point well.

    And to the above commenter...if your huskies are pure bred, you're supporting breeding. A huge cause of animals dying in shelters. No one is perfect. Don't throw stones.

  4. you're right, canada goose doesn't all their raise animals to skin them rather about half of them are caught from the wild in traps that clamp down on their necks and legs and these traps are not checked enough so these animals suffer infections and a slow painful death. They also starve. some of these traps are left so long that when people come across them the animal is decayed and sometimes it is only a skeleton.

    fuck yourself.

  5. I would like to thank the one constructive comment I got. I really appreciated that, and of course I am willing to learn more, and maybe change my view.

    The other comments are harsh, and verbally harassing. How can you believe that this will get people to change? They only see how much of an ass you make yourself look. And if someone tries to put on a St Teresa act here, it's not me. NO ONE is perfect, and this is something I should work on then. You other guys should work on human compassion and respect. Maybe then people actually will hear that you work for a good cause, and not just picking a fight whereever you can find one.

    To the last comment: I really did not know that. If you can bring me the source of that statement I will take you more seriously, because the way you laid it out it seems to be coming from a sour, bitter person who hates on everyone who does not share your point of view.

    But, I am a long way from becoming a vegan, although I respect people who make that choice. I will work on learning more about the use of animals, and then maybe make better choices in the future. Unfortunately we all can't be born with a perfect sense of fairness, justice, and a pot of gold coming out of our ass. I just wished that the ones who did, took it upon themselves to teach us less fortunate in a more including, less judgemental way. ;)

  6. i personally thought that canada goose jackets were just made of synthetic materials, but when my friend showed me this photo i realized that they used goose feathers in the down, and they do trap coyotes in traps of all sorts!

    thats the photo if you wanted to see, i felt so sick to my stomach. i thought that they'd at least use the rest of the goose to good use, but no... its really sad ): they also use beaver pelts in their hats as well ! hundreds of these guys are slaughtered ! Eeek.

    these are just facts, im not judging or anything, but just letting you know :) educating is important, rather than simply accusing without proof. i wish everyone knew the reality of these jackets !

  7. How can you say you love animals? you don't! So don't pretend you do! Be honest with yourself. Say: I don't give a damn, that's why I bought this jacket. Don't give me the poster and support for polar bears? C'mon! You know exactly why you wrote all of this, because deep down you know, you did something wrong! Is your conscience feeling better now?

  8. Her er linken du spør etter, kanskje ikke like kult med Canada Goose etter å ha lest dette?