onsdag 23. november 2011

All I want for christmas!!

So, every year I put these links on face and my blog about alternative christmas. I get, and probably a bunch of other people, a lot of useless stuff for christmas. I also have these people that I feel I should buy a present for, but I just dont know what. Buy a goat! Not for this person, but for someone else. There are a lot of organisation that you "buy" gifts from, in the form of a card that states that your gift has been given to someone less fortunate. 

That is a great idea, and I think everyone who is having trouble finding me something for christmas should do this. Most of the pages I will state are from norway, but you get the drift. Buy a gift that mean more. Give to someone that has nothing instead of searching for a gift for the person who has everything. ;)

Goods That Give More is a site from the US with a lot of beautiful stuff! From everything sold on those sites, percentages go to charity. In the product description it says what/how much that sale will give. And you can choose your charity from saving the rainforest, animals, autism, breast cancer, veterans, child health, hunger, or literacy. Three years ago I bought some christmas gifts from here, and some stuff for myself. ;)

Gi med hjertet is from the organisation RedCross, where you can donate and get symbol cards, or a token that can be given away as a present.

Gaver med Mening is in the name of Norwegian Refugee Council and you can by cd's, calenders, small tokens, or just give money and get a card that states that your money has gone to fx a goat for a family, or education for a child, etc. Two years ago I bought from this site.

Give me 5 - Christmas gifts that help children surviving the first 5 years of their life. This site is a part of Plan Norway - an organisation for and with children. This is where I bought a lot of my christmas gifts last year, and probably this year as well, since I am really satisfied with their work. 

Gaver som forandrer Verden - Kirkens Nødhjelp - Actalliance - They have various alternatives to the classic christmas present.

So, before you start stressing around to get all your christmas shopping done, consider finding an option where you can support a case you believe in and help someon that might not get christmas.

And maybe you would like to give a christmas dinner to someone who can't afford it? At least if your in norway you can do as the picture suggests! ;) 

Have a blessed November and upcoming Christmas holiday!


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