søndag 27. november 2011

You HAVE to watch the "Soul Surfer"

Soul Surfer is a movie based on a true story about a girl, for which surfing
is her life! A horrible accident forces her to rethink her life, and it makes
her see that there is more to life than surfing: Love! Compassion! Life!

Bethany Hamilton may have lost an arm in a shark attack, but that did not
stop her from keep on going! This is an amazing, heartfelt, awe-inspiring story
about a girl with a will and strength you could only imagine. 
God works in mysterious ways? Yes, indeed! 

I will not tell the entire story, even though I really want to.
You should really see it. I saw it for the 2nd time today, and it still
moves me. It gives you some perspective, and maybe motivation to
take a challenge and believing that you can do it!

Because, You Can!
Everything is possible for those who believe. ;)


Bethany Hamilton, you are an inspiring, unique person!

NB: If you haven't connected the dots: This is a cry-fest! :D

AnnaSophia Robb, who plays Bethany, and Bethany Hamillton

fredag 25. november 2011

The Wombats Rocks!

$25 !!! That's what I had to spend on a ticket to a bad ass The Wombats concert, with two rather fun warm up bands : The Strait Jackets, & The Postelles
$25 is nothing!

The Strait Jackets were cool. They had energy and style. You could see that they weren't that experienced, and the vocalist managed to rip out the cable from the mic two times, so the drummer had to sing while he fumbled it together again. :p

The Postelles were more classy, and experienced. They were my favourite of the guest bands.

The Wombats was Awesome! They started with Our Perfect Disease, which is one of my favourite songs. The rest of the concert just flew by, with hit after hit, after hit. <3

As you can see we were close to the bass player, so he bacame our main focus.
He did not disappoint, with an insane energy!


onsdag 23. november 2011

All I want for christmas!!

So, every year I put these links on face and my blog about alternative christmas. I get, and probably a bunch of other people, a lot of useless stuff for christmas. I also have these people that I feel I should buy a present for, but I just dont know what. Buy a goat! Not for this person, but for someone else. There are a lot of organisation that you "buy" gifts from, in the form of a card that states that your gift has been given to someone less fortunate. 

That is a great idea, and I think everyone who is having trouble finding me something for christmas should do this. Most of the pages I will state are from norway, but you get the drift. Buy a gift that mean more. Give to someone that has nothing instead of searching for a gift for the person who has everything. ;)

Goods That Give More is a site from the US with a lot of beautiful stuff! From everything sold on those sites, percentages go to charity. In the product description it says what/how much that sale will give. And you can choose your charity from saving the rainforest, animals, autism, breast cancer, veterans, child health, hunger, or literacy. Three years ago I bought some christmas gifts from here, and some stuff for myself. ;)

Gi med hjertet is from the organisation RedCross, where you can donate and get symbol cards, or a token that can be given away as a present.

Gaver med Mening is in the name of Norwegian Refugee Council and you can by cd's, calenders, small tokens, or just give money and get a card that states that your money has gone to fx a goat for a family, or education for a child, etc. Two years ago I bought from this site.

Give me 5 - Christmas gifts that help children surviving the first 5 years of their life. This site is a part of Plan Norway - an organisation for and with children. This is where I bought a lot of my christmas gifts last year, and probably this year as well, since I am really satisfied with their work. 

Gaver som forandrer Verden - Kirkens Nødhjelp - Actalliance - They have various alternatives to the classic christmas present.

So, before you start stressing around to get all your christmas shopping done, consider finding an option where you can support a case you believe in and help someon that might not get christmas.

And maybe you would like to give a christmas dinner to someone who can't afford it? At least if your in norway you can do as the picture suggests! ;) 

Have a blessed November and upcoming Christmas holiday!


fredag 18. november 2011

Canada Goose and anti-fur!?

Snow in Prince George! <3
this was a couple of weeks ago, now there is a lot more! 

So, I bought myself a new jacket when I was in Vancouver last weekend. I don't have a down jacket, only a shell jacket, so now I invested in a quality jacket that will last.
I've been eager on my Anti-fur statements, and this and that, so some might call me a hypocrite.

And that is totally fine. I see why you say that.
This is kinda like the way people have started to personalize their religion so it fits their perception, and it might not be correct, but at this time I believe in it. I'm not currently on any extreme end of a continuum of this scale, and I will tell you why.

Drumroll...... I bought myself a Canada Goose jacket.

I knew that the hoodie on a Canada Goose has real fur, so I was reluctant to buy it, and frowned upon other people doing it. So I did some research on why you don't hear people banning Canada Goose everywhere, and burning their jackets (one point is probably because they are so effin' expensive).

I love animals, and I'm fighting for animal rights. But I am not a vegetarian. I would love to be more aware on what I eat, 'cause some farmers drug their chickens so they get so big as they no longer can stand on their legs and chuck them into a to small cage where they "step" on eachother. And that is NOT ok! But I am not against hunting. I recognize the fact that this is how we have survived throughout time, and I see no wrong in that. What I react to is the abusive nature some people show against animals.

Trapping cute furry animals in small cages, treating them like shit just so rich, prissy, dames can wear them is NOT ok!
Trapping animals in inhumane conditions, like overcrowded cubicles where they get fed and drugged so we can buy big chicken filets, is NOT ok!
Pouching endangered animals for fun, and the worth of fur and bone, whatever, is NOT ok!

"I am sad to admit is that I do not have the knowledge about which producers of fx chicken, that has the best conditiones."

What I was happy to see in Canada Goose's fur policy is that they do NOT buy furs from farms of any sorts. The fur they use are of Coyote, and is obtained by supporting the native Canadian communitites of the north, and their centuries-old ways of life that are now being threatened. These communities are ethical in their fundamental approach to hunting.

I see that this is not an easy conundrum, and there are negatives in both sides. I'm not an expert on either subjects of real fur or synthetics, but I know that I do not support fur farms, or hunting of endangered species.
Many anti-fur advocacy groups fail to take into account the environmental impact of the production of synthetic fur. The chemical by-products of this production process have the potential to do more harm to the environment than the use of the fur from animals that are hunted as part of an ancient way of life that balances the needs of people and wildlife. But I know that a lot of brands are starting to use recycled material, like Patagonia.

Yes, I support this.
The blue Canada Goose is a PBI (Polar Bear International) Lim.edt. and
by purchase you are a part of helping saving the Polar Bears.

NO, I do not Support this!

Even after reading this blogpost I might sound contradictory to some, and I will
respect your oppinions as long as they are factual... :)

That's all from me...

søndag 13. november 2011

I tried to be social in a stressed exam situation....

Oh noes! I should have known better right?
Yep, I don't play well with others in my exam period.
But I tried, cause I couldn't not take the opportunity to go to Smithers and Vancouver.

I had fun both places, but I was stressed.
And now I'm swamped.

No more midterms! I celebrated that for 5 minutes before I remembered what else is on the agenda. So what's going on this week? Oh, let me share:
- I have a video assignment that is due thursday: a 4-8 minute long video about a subject related to the brain. I chose Narcolepsy. I will post the video later.
- A Term Paper in Health Psychology that is due friday: 8 pages about prevention of childhood obesity (pizza as a vegetable anyone?)
- A discussion paper in Neuropsych that also is due friday: short but brilliant paper comparing two articles about frontal lobe patients.
- A term paper in Evolutionary Psychology that is due next friday: 8 pages on humans and homicide.
- Oh, did I forget the take home assignment with 5 patients that we have to assess for Neuropsych?

In between all this I have to read for my final exams. You would think that the final exams aren't that hard, but I'll tell you that even though we have had all this stuff throughout the semester we still have a cumulative 3hr final exam that can contain anything of what we've had about.
Okey, so we have 1 hr less than back home, but we do not have "practice questions" that we can focus on. :p

-----Rant Over------

adding picture of adorable animal:

Clouded Leopard

I want a cat!

tirsdag 8. november 2011


Friday: I'm taking out my chicken for dinner, planning a study plan for the weekend: read, eat, read, read, read, eat, read, sleep, read, read, eat, read etc. Curls up at her desk in her slacks, ready to study


We're going to Jasper and have one spot available. COME! 
....... my head hurts. I so want to go, but I have a shitload to do ...
We leave in 40 min, you have 2 min to decide! COME!
You'll never have this oppurtunity again, it's cheap, we are also gonna study some.
.... my blood pressure rises, and I really want to say no and stay at campus just studying, but something is stirring inside. It is acctually a once in a lifetime, because I'm soon going home. My exams are pretty much gonna be turned into a pass or fail when I get back, so no point in struggling for an A. :p I know who stupid it sounds, but right now it's the straw I'm clinging to. So I threw all caution to the wind and said yes.

40 min later I was showered and packed and "ready to go". My hands was shaking, and my head hurts, but I took an Ibuprofen and ignored it.
I like to say that I am spontanous and stuff, but I am a planning adventurer I guess. Because it hurt, and it was hard to say yes eventhough I really wanted to. I had already planned my weekend, and it's just not that easy to throw that out the window in a second. If nothing was happening that weekend I would have been Ready Freddy, but the fact that my midterms was gonna be affected held me back.

Well, enough about my oh so nervewrecking decision making skills, and over to the actual trip!
A-Ma-Zing!! ;)

A miniscule amount of studying, but a lot of sightseeing.

The cutest squirrel 

Elk!! There where hundreds of them at one particular spot. It was crazy.
Too bad, I only had my iPhone with me. 

The cafe where I did some studying and ate the best sticky bun ever!

Fox? Coyote? Wolf? 

The tallest mountain of the Rockies, clouded by....... clouds.

Edit: Yes, I failed the test I had the monday after this trip! ;) By a long shot! 

fredag 4. november 2011


Do you know what is so special about long term mating preference in women in their ovulation cycle or whatever? Well, I should! I just got back from my 2nd midterm in Evolutionary psych, where we tested on our knowledge about Male and female long-term mating strategies, parental conflict, and kin relationships.
I love evolutionary psych, and specially how my life and family does not fit these theories one bit (more on that in a later entry). Our prof. is the best, but he is a hard tester. Hard, but fair I guess. These really specific questions distributed through the tests reveal how much you have paid attention in class.
Yes it's good to know that women prefer slightly older men, but how much more? 2.0? 2.5? 3.5? 4.5? 5.0?

So now I'm taking a little break, with a cup of coffee and the newest episode of Parenthood. After that I should start my next cramming session. On Monday I have a midterm in Health Psych, and on Wednesday I have a test in Neuropsych.
The neuropsych exam freaks me out. It's a fourth year class, and she talks so much away from the text in class. The text is a bit more specialized than biopsych, but I wonder if that is enough for her or if she wants us to remember what she talks about in class. Because I don't! I never do, only exception Evolutionary psych, 'cause Siakaluk is so freaking awesome! :p

AND, I'm nervous about my term papers and the freaking video assignment.
I've decided to have make a video about narcolepsy. :p Definitely gonna paste in some clips of dogs fainting from YouTube. ;) A part from that, I have no idea! 4-8 min? really!!

I'm going off my rocker here! And writing about all the stuff I have to do just makes me more borderline!
So, watching some tv, and thinking about how fun I'm gonna have when I go to Vancouver after my exam on wednesday! :D

Vancouver Skyline


torsdag 3. november 2011

Halloween Compilation

An exchange student from Sweden made this awesome vid from our Halloween Party. Check it out!

onsdag 2. november 2011

Halloween Weekend

So Halloween was fun! :p
A much bigger deal here than back home. It started Friday, and you still saw people in costumes on Monday, which was real Halloween.

There were several Halloween parties in Prince George, and even one where two stars from True Blood was gonna appear (Pam and Hoyt). The ticket was $80, so even though it would have been AweSome! that was a bit steep. But every year, the Rugby team arrange a big Halloween party at the Roller Dome, and most of the students went there.So did my roommates and I.

Big Yellow School Buses came up to campus and brought us to the party and back. ("Yes! I've been on a yellow school bus" was what I thought!) 
I really like that arrangement though. Then you get back safely without any sketchy mishaps. ;)
And when we got back to campus, there were guards in the hallway checking that only people with the access card got into Residence. And eventhough they did that, I know that some people got company with them. How they did it I don't know. The rumour is that someone took people through their windows. Ridiculous! But hey, it didn't bother me.

The utterly mind blowing event of the weekend must be that there wasn't a single fire alarm!! 

My costume was almost the same as last year: Vampire
Now with a bit more history. I got a Fangtasia outfit, so it became True Blood inspired, and my character was Amy Burley who really didn't die (weirder things have happend in the show right?), but became a vampire and started bartending at Fangtasia. ;)

not the best photo, but you see the outfit.

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! I know I did! Although my mouth was totally destroyed after a night with those teeth. The same happened last year so I knew what I was gettin' myself into. No botox necessary, my lips was doubled in size, with some not so nice bruises on the inside. :/ So if you're planning on going as a vampire, beware! ;)

Rambo, Lara Croft, Amy Vamp, Fireman, Mia Wallace, Police Man, ..., Pirate, Bob Ross, and random Greek guy.

Mia Wallace & Amy 

Lara Croft and Amy