fredag 28. oktober 2011

Uni or pre school?

I <3 UNBC! 

Every Tuesday we have Farmer's Market from 11-4 where you can buy local produce, and other organic homemade stuff (body creme, lip balm etc), and div arts and crafts. 
There's events like every night of the week almost. Yesterday there was Open mic night in the common room. I did not go! :p But, on Wednesday there was Pet a Puppy day! So on my way to school (I had a test that day) I got to cuddle a cute dog. That lowered my stress level significantly, and I think the test went ok +. The test on thursday did not go that well. My skills in distributing study time is not that well utilized. The one I had one wednesday I used 4 days to study on (approx), and after that test I had a little break (I was done about 1720), before I had about 4 hours of studying until the next test (...the study until you fall asleep method). We'll see... I think it's a pass, but not a lot over 60%. ;)

......and they apparently go nuts on Halloween!

I forgot my camera, but today you had Pumpkin carving in the Agora, and you could get face paint if you wanted. A lot of people actually showed up in costume. I had class, but I think there was a costume competition at noon.
Tomorrow there's this big Halloween Dance at the Roller Dome, and I love dressing up, so I'm definitely going! :D Tonight my room mates and I are watching a scary movie, and then we're watching some more tomorrow while we get ready for Halloween. :D Fun!
I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to carve a pumpkin though. Sarah (roommate) just looked at me funny when I told her that. "You've probably carved a bunch of them for the previous years" ........ errrr no? We don't actually do Halloween back home... :(

Well, in other news: This week there's been this booth where you could donate for breast cancer awareness, and you could put your money on one of your profs. I, of course, chose mr. Siakaluk, the coolest prof ever! 
If he got more than 50$ donated for his name (and yes he did..... over 70$ actually), class would get interesting. So today he came to class in a big black hoodie. When he was setting up for class I noticed something pink hanging down from under his hoodie. And before he started, the hoodie came off
Yes, he had to wear this: 

For the entire class he wore this pink bra, that was tied with pink lace behind. Every now and then he had to stop readjusting the straps.
 "I found out that I don't fill in this bra that good, so I have to pull them up every now and again
I love that dude! 
"My daughter is actually coming to lecture to see me in this thing, and she can't wait. I can."

You gotta love the commitment to save the breasts!

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