lørdag 8. oktober 2011

Stupid American Doors

One of the first things we learned when we got here was NOT to look yourself out of your room. That would cost you. The pressure takes energy whether you are going to the bathroom, kitchen, or taking a shower. That's why I always leave my keys in the door, because I've seen one too many tv series where people lock themselves out. And in the most ridiculous ways!

Well imagine my suprise when I got out of the shower this morning (and no, I did not bring my clothes with me to the shower), and found my door locked, WITHOUT the key hanging on the outside!

no, this is not me, but this person looks better in a towel than I do. ;)

My sweet roommates tried to pick the lock, but they've added these 'no brake in' locks that is just stupid, so we had to call the RA on call.

This is how I felt when the RA came to unlock my door. 
She was not fazed by my appearance in a towel, so I guess I'm not the first to do this. 


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  1. hehe... Det er koselig. Må jo dele litt av hva som skjer her i BC, Canada. ;)