lørdag 8. oktober 2011

Psych Bootcamp!

This week is over!! :D
I had a test on monday, wednesday, and friday, and I had to do a term paper outline, and read up on an assignment for group work.

Monday was Health Psychology and it went as expected. Since this class overlaps by 20 min with evolutionary Psych I do not get everything she says in class. There was one short answer question that I didn't even write anything on 'cause I hadn't heard squat about it. 

Wednesday was Psychology of Learning, which was an even darker ordeal! His questions are so hard. You actually have to think. "Geese..... blah blah, fly south... blah blah... predict storm... blah blah... do they hear ultra low frequencies.... blah... blah. Use what you've learned an make up an experiment of classical aversion conditioning". Really? You wanna go there? :(
So no, this one did not go so well. ;)

Friday was Evolutionary Psych, and since the one one wednesday was so freakin' hard, I thought 55 mc, 5 fill in blanks, and 1 short answer question was gonna be a piece of cake. Then I remembered I hadn't even read one of the chapters. And again, this class overlaps with health, so I sometimes have to go early.

Term paper outline! I think it is adequate, but it may be to wide of a subject. We'll see. I hope I get the green light on that one. 

But now it's thanksgiving weekend! :D I acctually spent 2 hours in the gym today, not doing yoga thank you very much. ;) And then like 4 hours down at college heights. :p All I was getting was brussel sprout and pine nuts, but somehow I bought some more. ;) 

Residence is quite quiet right now. A lot of people has gone home for thanksgiving weekend. We will have our own Thanksgiving pot luck tomorrow, and I'm in charge of the brussel sprouts! :D I looooove brussel sprouts. I got a tip about adding pine nuts, so  I'm going to do that.
We got told that as exchange student you actually can get assigned a family who takes you in in thanksgiving so you can experience the traditions. I got told yesterday, so it was a bit late. But I think that would have been awesome. :)

Now I'm going to enjoy my Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha, and read up on my Neuroassignment. 

<3 <3 <3

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