torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, Smithers, BC

Last weekend (14th-16th) I went to Smithers. 
Smithers is a nice place, and worth visiting, but we were not just sightseeing.
The trip was planned through UNBC Wildlife and Fishery Club, and we visited the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter.
It was a long drive, but Scandinavia rocked the backseat ; Taru, Emelie & Silje represents Finland, Sweden & Norway. And that means pictures. We sat in the car with the president and vice president of the club, both from Canada, so Scandinavia took responsibility for the pictures. Everyone with multiple cameras. ;)

NLWS relies only on volunteers, and donations. They do an amazing job! They also have a facebook group with some amazing pictures showing what they are achieving.
We came to help out with some work that they might not get around too because the animals is first priority. We helped with food pred, some digging, wood chopping, and fence fixing (more a change of roof).
The shelter takes in anything of local wildlife that might be hurt, orphaned, or a problem animal.
After rehabilitation and care the ultimate goal is to release the animals back into the wild.

Because of previous problems we were not allowed to take pictures of the animals, but we are supposed to get some pictures we can use to show people, so I will post some pictures then.
I totally understand the part with photos, because everything can be twisted on youtube or facebook. A picture says more than a thousand words, but sometimes even those thousand words can be taken out of context. And that's sad, because the work that these people do are amazing! This is not a zoo, and the animals do not have more contact with humans than necessary. 

They have a lot of Moose, and Deer, in the area, and they have bears, a Lynx named Igor, a Cougar named Helena, a Coyote named Boots (more lovingly called Rumpadump), and a lot of Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Owls, etc.

Volunteers at the place are long term volunteers, and are there for a period of 6 or 12 months. Angelika, one of the two founders, said they got volunteers from Europe as well. :D It's really tempting to apply, but she also said they got applications every week. 

Think: A whole year working with Wildlife! That would be Awesome!  

 jup, real lumberjack moment..... ;)

 "Looooooook, the mountain is so biiiiig!"

The sunset in Smithers

on our way home..... looooong drive.

you saw these signs everywhere.
16 km later I bet you we saw a new one. ;)

A cute little church that probably roomed 11 people.

<3 I loved this place! <3
Thank you so much to the Wildlife Club for taking us
with you on this adventure! :D

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