tirsdag 25. oktober 2011

Line of thought.......... Pop Tarts!

Mind wandering, or Task Unrelated Thought.
The girl is sitting in the library and reading for her test in Psychology of Learning. Here is a little example of why the girl needs a bit more time than most people when she is studying.

"....Counterconditioning was proposed as..." - oh, that little spot of light was annoying- if I turn like this- ooooooo, sun fills the entire page of the book - wow, the white page reflects the sun - my face feel warm - but it's cold outside, I know that - maybe the Gym has a solarium - why DID I say to Siri that we should tan after exercise (that happened this summer) - maybe the sun would give more energy? - energy - I had energy in Namibia - hmm.. phobias (a subject that comes up in my text book) - maybe I should walk around with a Tarantulla in a cage everywhere I go, so every context will tell me that this creature is not dangerous? - haha  The tarantula would get loose - Siri is so active - I wish I moved around more - I want to travel - I should start on my Harnas video soon - video assignment- maybe I'll make a video about narcolepsy - cute dogs that fall a sleep - YouTube - you find everything on youtube - ah, maybe they have video for dummies about this psych learning subjects - damn, what was I reading just now?"

.......continues reading........

"....three properties of occasion setters" (reads Settlers) - Settlers looks like a fun game - I can't believe I haven't played it before - Game night on thursday - yay - I need to buy snacks - hmm.. shopping - when - I have tests - why is the bio test 8:30 - I have to do an all nighter I guess - Night of the Living Dead - no - The Walking dead - rather good show - I'm surprised I like it - No more tv shows this week - or not until after my test - dinner - potato soup for dinner? - yeah - maybe an episode while I eat - I won't study anyway - I'm hungry - ouch - I've been biting my lip - study is not good for me - my nails are horrendous - will they be better until Saturday - why hasn't my costume arrived yet - internet shopping - I want that cheap Norrøna jacket - not cheap, but cheapER - Canada Goose is also cheaper - fur - Fur farms are disgusting - at least Canada Goose has some integrity - crap, I have to read more!"

.....checks facebook........continues reading.....

and yes, I could continue for a loooong time, but I actually have a test tomorrow and must use the time I have on reeeeally trying to focus.

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  1. hahaha, du er herlig! Kjekt å se hvordan det går med deg der borte :D Tusen takk for den fine kommentaren på bloggen min forresten, det gjorde dagen min :)