fredag 28. oktober 2011

Uni or pre school?

I <3 UNBC! 

Every Tuesday we have Farmer's Market from 11-4 where you can buy local produce, and other organic homemade stuff (body creme, lip balm etc), and div arts and crafts. 
There's events like every night of the week almost. Yesterday there was Open mic night in the common room. I did not go! :p But, on Wednesday there was Pet a Puppy day! So on my way to school (I had a test that day) I got to cuddle a cute dog. That lowered my stress level significantly, and I think the test went ok +. The test on thursday did not go that well. My skills in distributing study time is not that well utilized. The one I had one wednesday I used 4 days to study on (approx), and after that test I had a little break (I was done about 1720), before I had about 4 hours of studying until the next test (...the study until you fall asleep method). We'll see... I think it's a pass, but not a lot over 60%. ;)

......and they apparently go nuts on Halloween!

I forgot my camera, but today you had Pumpkin carving in the Agora, and you could get face paint if you wanted. A lot of people actually showed up in costume. I had class, but I think there was a costume competition at noon.
Tomorrow there's this big Halloween Dance at the Roller Dome, and I love dressing up, so I'm definitely going! :D Tonight my room mates and I are watching a scary movie, and then we're watching some more tomorrow while we get ready for Halloween. :D Fun!
I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to carve a pumpkin though. Sarah (roommate) just looked at me funny when I told her that. "You've probably carved a bunch of them for the previous years" ........ errrr no? We don't actually do Halloween back home... :(

Well, in other news: This week there's been this booth where you could donate for breast cancer awareness, and you could put your money on one of your profs. I, of course, chose mr. Siakaluk, the coolest prof ever! 
If he got more than 50$ donated for his name (and yes he did..... over 70$ actually), class would get interesting. So today he came to class in a big black hoodie. When he was setting up for class I noticed something pink hanging down from under his hoodie. And before he started, the hoodie came off
Yes, he had to wear this: 

For the entire class he wore this pink bra, that was tied with pink lace behind. Every now and then he had to stop readjusting the straps.
 "I found out that I don't fill in this bra that good, so I have to pull them up every now and again
I love that dude! 
"My daughter is actually coming to lecture to see me in this thing, and she can't wait. I can."

You gotta love the commitment to save the breasts!

tirsdag 25. oktober 2011

Line of thought.......... Pop Tarts!

Mind wandering, or Task Unrelated Thought.
The girl is sitting in the library and reading for her test in Psychology of Learning. Here is a little example of why the girl needs a bit more time than most people when she is studying.

"....Counterconditioning was proposed as..." - oh, that little spot of light was annoying- if I turn like this- ooooooo, sun fills the entire page of the book - wow, the white page reflects the sun - my face feel warm - but it's cold outside, I know that - maybe the Gym has a solarium - why DID I say to Siri that we should tan after exercise (that happened this summer) - maybe the sun would give more energy? - energy - I had energy in Namibia - hmm.. phobias (a subject that comes up in my text book) - maybe I should walk around with a Tarantulla in a cage everywhere I go, so every context will tell me that this creature is not dangerous? - haha  The tarantula would get loose - Siri is so active - I wish I moved around more - I want to travel - I should start on my Harnas video soon - video assignment- maybe I'll make a video about narcolepsy - cute dogs that fall a sleep - YouTube - you find everything on youtube - ah, maybe they have video for dummies about this psych learning subjects - damn, what was I reading just now?"

.......continues reading........

"....three properties of occasion setters" (reads Settlers) - Settlers looks like a fun game - I can't believe I haven't played it before - Game night on thursday - yay - I need to buy snacks - hmm.. shopping - when - I have tests - why is the bio test 8:30 - I have to do an all nighter I guess - Night of the Living Dead - no - The Walking dead - rather good show - I'm surprised I like it - No more tv shows this week - or not until after my test - dinner - potato soup for dinner? - yeah - maybe an episode while I eat - I won't study anyway - I'm hungry - ouch - I've been biting my lip - study is not good for me - my nails are horrendous - will they be better until Saturday - why hasn't my costume arrived yet - internet shopping - I want that cheap Norrøna jacket - not cheap, but cheapER - Canada Goose is also cheaper - fur - Fur farms are disgusting - at least Canada Goose has some integrity - crap, I have to read more!"

.....checks facebook........continues reading.....

and yes, I could continue for a loooong time, but I actually have a test tomorrow and must use the time I have on reeeeally trying to focus.

torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, Smithers, BC

Last weekend (14th-16th) I went to Smithers. 
Smithers is a nice place, and worth visiting, but we were not just sightseeing.
The trip was planned through UNBC Wildlife and Fishery Club, and we visited the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter.
It was a long drive, but Scandinavia rocked the backseat ; Taru, Emelie & Silje represents Finland, Sweden & Norway. And that means pictures. We sat in the car with the president and vice president of the club, both from Canada, so Scandinavia took responsibility for the pictures. Everyone with multiple cameras. ;)

NLWS relies only on volunteers, and donations. They do an amazing job! They also have a facebook group with some amazing pictures showing what they are achieving.
We came to help out with some work that they might not get around too because the animals is first priority. We helped with food pred, some digging, wood chopping, and fence fixing (more a change of roof).
The shelter takes in anything of local wildlife that might be hurt, orphaned, or a problem animal.
After rehabilitation and care the ultimate goal is to release the animals back into the wild.

Because of previous problems we were not allowed to take pictures of the animals, but we are supposed to get some pictures we can use to show people, so I will post some pictures then.
I totally understand the part with photos, because everything can be twisted on youtube or facebook. A picture says more than a thousand words, but sometimes even those thousand words can be taken out of context. And that's sad, because the work that these people do are amazing! This is not a zoo, and the animals do not have more contact with humans than necessary. 

They have a lot of Moose, and Deer, in the area, and they have bears, a Lynx named Igor, a Cougar named Helena, a Coyote named Boots (more lovingly called Rumpadump), and a lot of Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Owls, etc.

Volunteers at the place are long term volunteers, and are there for a period of 6 or 12 months. Angelika, one of the two founders, said they got volunteers from Europe as well. :D It's really tempting to apply, but she also said they got applications every week. 

Think: A whole year working with Wildlife! That would be Awesome!  

 jup, real lumberjack moment..... ;)

 "Looooooook, the mountain is so biiiiig!"

The sunset in Smithers

on our way home..... looooong drive.

you saw these signs everywhere.
16 km later I bet you we saw a new one. ;)

A cute little church that probably roomed 11 people.

<3 I loved this place! <3
Thank you so much to the Wildlife Club for taking us
with you on this adventure! :D

lørdag 8. oktober 2011

Stupid American Doors

One of the first things we learned when we got here was NOT to look yourself out of your room. That would cost you. The pressure takes energy whether you are going to the bathroom, kitchen, or taking a shower. That's why I always leave my keys in the door, because I've seen one too many tv series where people lock themselves out. And in the most ridiculous ways!

Well imagine my suprise when I got out of the shower this morning (and no, I did not bring my clothes with me to the shower), and found my door locked, WITHOUT the key hanging on the outside!

no, this is not me, but this person looks better in a towel than I do. ;)

My sweet roommates tried to pick the lock, but they've added these 'no brake in' locks that is just stupid, so we had to call the RA on call.

This is how I felt when the RA came to unlock my door. 
She was not fazed by my appearance in a towel, so I guess I'm not the first to do this. 


Psych Bootcamp!

This week is over!! :D
I had a test on monday, wednesday, and friday, and I had to do a term paper outline, and read up on an assignment for group work.

Monday was Health Psychology and it went as expected. Since this class overlaps by 20 min with evolutionary Psych I do not get everything she says in class. There was one short answer question that I didn't even write anything on 'cause I hadn't heard squat about it. 

Wednesday was Psychology of Learning, which was an even darker ordeal! His questions are so hard. You actually have to think. "Geese..... blah blah, fly south... blah blah... predict storm... blah blah... do they hear ultra low frequencies.... blah... blah. Use what you've learned an make up an experiment of classical aversion conditioning". Really? You wanna go there? :(
So no, this one did not go so well. ;)

Friday was Evolutionary Psych, and since the one one wednesday was so freakin' hard, I thought 55 mc, 5 fill in blanks, and 1 short answer question was gonna be a piece of cake. Then I remembered I hadn't even read one of the chapters. And again, this class overlaps with health, so I sometimes have to go early.

Term paper outline! I think it is adequate, but it may be to wide of a subject. We'll see. I hope I get the green light on that one. 

But now it's thanksgiving weekend! :D I acctually spent 2 hours in the gym today, not doing yoga thank you very much. ;) And then like 4 hours down at college heights. :p All I was getting was brussel sprout and pine nuts, but somehow I bought some more. ;) 

Residence is quite quiet right now. A lot of people has gone home for thanksgiving weekend. We will have our own Thanksgiving pot luck tomorrow, and I'm in charge of the brussel sprouts! :D I looooove brussel sprouts. I got a tip about adding pine nuts, so  I'm going to do that.
We got told that as exchange student you actually can get assigned a family who takes you in in thanksgiving so you can experience the traditions. I got told yesterday, so it was a bit late. But I think that would have been awesome. :)

Now I'm going to enjoy my Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha, and read up on my Neuroassignment. 

<3 <3 <3

søndag 2. oktober 2011

UNBC Hipstamatic


Reading Bio with a hint of Norway right next to me

Vicious fire alarm! 

Bought Scrapbooking stuff for my Namibia frames

 No messin' around!

 Our front door.... Yes I'm a spaceship, and no
we haven't coloured them in yet.

 The Library at UNBC

Yes, Keyoh might get the firealarm, but we don't
get the fully armed squad cars doing a drug search
like Neyoh does. ;)

My study desk

A little change from all the words I usually produce in every post.