tirsdag 13. september 2011

Random Rantings

Jupp, that's me. Early, with mah brand new jacket. Went out shopping on sunday, and was just getting a canadian sim card, but I got totally canackas. ;)
The bad thing is that I got all my money right away, so I have to distribute it myself. Yeah, I'm as worried as you are. :p Money + my fingers = money slips through. I found out that I can't use more money this month. :/ oh-oh!

I saw Aurora Borealis on Friday! It was awesome. We also went out to a lake yesterday, in hope of seeing it again, but the only thing we saw was a full moon.
I didn't really fully enjoy it, eventhough we we're a bunch of cool people. All I could think was that I should be studying. I went here to study, but I hope I can be a bit social as well. I'm already starting to fall behind, because my profs. races through chapters like they were milk cartons.
Everyone is so social, and I can't see when they get their reading done and stuff like that.

Next week I have at least two tests already. In BioPsychology and Neuropsychology.
So no socialness on me the rest of the week. Every spare hour is Library time.
On mondays I have four classes, wednesdays three classes, and tuesdays, thursdays and fridays I have one class. Everybody with a full course load has that much, but I like to think that I am the only one and that I'm doing a aweful lot. (the star of my own sit com)
From a few classes a week and one assignment to classes every day, three tests in each course (at least), presentations (even a video assignment in one course??), and reports, and a term paper. This maybe sound more than it is, 'cause it is totally doable, I just have to readjust myself. No Greys Anatomy marathons when I feel like it. No skipping class because you want to sleep longer ( then you'll miss vital chances for extra credit).

Yeah, UNBC is good. ;)
Now that I'm finished ranting I'm gonna get myself a new cup of coffee.

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