søndag 4. september 2011

O' Canada, PG, BC

Oh my Gosh! I'm sooo freakin' tired!
This was supposed to be the, oops I'm back from Namibia, here's some pictures and fun facts, but this will be the Wow, I'm in Canada and I'm falling to sleep post.

To try and explain my tiredness, I can start by saying that I got up at 3am after roughly four hours of sleep. My journey to Canada began. I was in Prince George at 16:15pm. Ah that's only 13 hours or so you say, but then I remind you of the 9 hours time difference that you can add to that 13 hours. That means 22 hours! An I couldn't go to bed then. Nooo, I had to call for a cab, and get my stuff moved in at campus. And THEN we had to have a residence meeting with loads of general information for you wellbeing that you forget as soon as you leave the room. So in Norway its 5:53 right now. That means almost 27 hours without sleep! :/ I'm gonna crash!

But, apart from me being at the point of coma, I had a good couple of flights.
Four movies and some Mike & Molly episodes, which is hilarious btw, is the reason that I didn't sleep on the flight from Heathrow to Vancouver. Probably also the guy sitting next to me (window seat), who always had to get up right after I had been up and put on another movie or something.
He was really bugging me, but I still liked having an aisle seat. I was sitting in the back where there's only two seats at the end, so there you don't get that disrupted.

Canada: Beautiful!
It was awesome seeing Vancouver and the Rockies when I flew in an itty bitty Jazz plane to Prince George. The city with the mountains in the background: Gorgeous! I saw this winters first snow. ;)
I so wanna see Vancouver and some of the mountains while I'm here.
Prince George reminds me a lot of Norway, but it's more flat. It has mountains on all sides, but they're quite far away. At least it looks like it. :)

Tomorrow I will get a tour of the University so I can get the lay of the land and locate my classes.
Then I have to go shopping! I miss everything. Tomorrow is Labour Day so I might have to wait until Tuesday to go shopping. I need Shampoo, I need food, I need books, I need it all! :p

But first: Sleep

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