søndag 25. september 2011

Life as a Uni student

Life is good! 
Sometimes it just hits you how good your life really is.
Yeah, you're missing a house, a car, a man, and your cat,
but you have so much more. You have your friends, you have family,
you can study, you can travel, you have food etc. etc.

Yesterday I almost didn't go out of my room. We went down to College Heights and bought some stuff. More exact some scrapbooking stuff (now I just have to develop some pictures), and a booster juice. And then we went back and I brought out my books, but saw about three movies instead.
Then I felt bad because I wasn't out being social.
But you know what? That's how I am. I Can sit inside for a whole day alone without having contact with other people. Why can't I just embrace that?
So I am. I'm embracing it. No more, I was so tired, explanations. I sat in my couch all day because I felt like it. I can read, draw, crochet, scrap, ++

I don't know why I started this ranting. Maybe I'm still trying to convince myself.
I was going to write about my two tests that I had last week.

It was an experience. ;) 

You have 80 minutes to do your best.
In Neuropsych we had to write about how the nervous system works when you "move". Like specifcally every sensory system, how it works, were its "circuits" are, in a way. I had brought pens so I could draw and stuff, but I never got the time. After what felt like 15 minutes she said "5 min left", and I almost broke out in hives. So I don't know how it went. At least I wrote alot, but I might have been to much of a storyteller, focusing alot around the facts.
In Biopsych we had multiple choice, name definitions, and fill in the blanks. I'd decided not to be the "foreign kid" in class, but after this test, I think the prof know. He had to first tell me to cross out my letters at the sheet, and then when I tried to hand in the second time he saw that I just circled the answer.
I now know that you have to color them in.

Stupid foreign kid who hasn't had a multiple choice test before!

So after a weekend with movies, wine and Grey's Anatomy, and going to 
the pub in our slippers and PJ's, it's time to start reading again. One week, and
then there's new midterms arriving. w00p! 
And I have to find a theme for my term papers. 
Reminder to self: Do it soon!


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