mandag 5. september 2011

First Day

5am: Wide awake! "This is not happening!" So I forced myself to sleep a couple of more hours.
At 10am I had a Campus Tour, so now I know where my classes are, and have a basic knowledge of the Uni layout. :p Tomorrow is the premiere, so we'll see if I remember. I also got my books today. Four big ass books, and a fat reading packet.

UNBC is maybe about the same size as Agder Uni, and has the same layout as Lillehammer College; Wood and glass. So there will be a couple of days in getting lost and then I will be fine.
The Uni is placed on a height, looking out on the city. It's about a 5-10 min bus drive away. An awesome thing is that Busspass is included in tuition fee. :) You get a UPASS and that includes a buttload of stuff like busspass and gym privileges etc.

This is UNBC Campus. The Campus Residence is the houses at top left, and I leave in the house at the top, and as far left as you get. Keyoh is the name of the building, which means "our community". It can also mean "territory". What I love, already, about Canadian Uni is all the social events. Norway can really learn from this. Presentations, Barbeques, Lunches, tour of Campus or City Bus tour, Movie night, Field House Games, etc etc. And it doesn't stop after orientation week. There are theme events, local Soccer games, Farmers' Market, Fund Raiser's, and soo much more. They also have a bunch of clubs that you can join with a large variety of hobbies. Lillehammer do as well, but not like this. ;)
I have 5 courses this semester, which is quite a lot, but I really want to join one of the clubs. I think they will have a presentation next week. So I'll get back to you on that.

The courses I'm taking is Psychobiology, Psychology of Learning, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology, and Advanced Health Psychology. 
The bookstore also has a wide variety of UNBC products like sweaters, travel mugs etc. Sweater and travelmug are the two items that I most likely are going to buy so they are the ones that stuck to my memory. ;)

At noon we did the roommate agreement, where we decided some ground rules and stuff. I think that's great. Then we have something to go on, and we talk about our habits and such. Our fourth roommate, an exchange student from Sweden, hasn't arrived yet, but the two others are lovely. Baljit is from up north, and Sarah is from Nova Scotia. They are both on my age and seem like nice, cool girls. Baljit has indian origin and likes to dance, so I'm gonna see if I can learn some Bollywood moves. :D That would be so cool! 

And Baljit came to my rescue! As I said yesterday, today is Labour Day(celebration of worker's economic and social achievements), so there where no buses running. BUT, Baljit has a car and was taking her brother out on some shopping. 
We went to this big ass store, where I almost got lost! I had planned vegetables, pasta, rice, chicken, bread, etc. Came out with Lucky Charms, Pop Tarts, Frozen burgers(like Hold It), and Granola Bars. I got some healthy food stuff as well, but I could hardly make my way around that store. It's awesome, but too big when you don't have the lay of the land. Fortunatly they have a smaller grocery store that's closer to campus, and where the bus stops just outside. 

The Winter Garden

That's basically what my room looks like. There are drawers under the bed where I can put my clothes, and a place for hangers. Very basic, but totally livable. I live with four people, and we share bathroom, kitchen, and a common area. Literally we have to bring everything, but since I'm an exchange student there's a limit to what I can bring. Luckily two of the girls came prepared and said I could borrow all pots, pans, microwave, toaster and such, so that's awesome. 


Layout. I live in bedroom 4. :)

So far, so Good.
Soon I'm heading out for a roommate bbq with the whole lot from 
campus residence. I'm hungry! ;)


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