torsdag 8. september 2011

What's it gonna be?

First class in Neuropsychology, Biopsychology, and Psychology of Learning is over, and it has given me a notion about how this semester will be: Awesome, but hard!

We will have tests (about three in each class I think), reports, assignments, etc. etc.
I already have three or four assignments.
And next to those I have to keep up on my reading. 10 chapters in the next two weeks, and that's just one class!! In biopsychology I also have to do a video assignment!! Say what? I haven't handled a camera in my entire life! (almost)
I tried to start reading today, but I was in my room and didn't get my focus on. My perfect study spot is somewhere on campus, I just have to find it.

It may seem like I'm complaining, but acctually I like this system. It forces you to do stuff throughout the semester, and the final exam isn't everything. I think it counts about 30-35% in most of the classes. The other % come from the tests and assignments. In biopsychology you can even to some extra work and get extra credits (hell yeah!).

There are a lot of social events that you can join and meet new people, and that's good, 'cause you don't really get the feeling of belonging in class. You get in class with random people on every course. There's not a core group who has the same subjects or nothing like we have back home. You can be in class with someone in their 2nd year, or 3rd year, in economics, business, or biology etc.
There's also very small classes. We're about 15 in neuropsychology. Good for not getting neglected, not good for trying to slip under the radar in class. ;) You will be seen.

Tomorrow I have Evolutionary Psychology. I heard from someone who took the class last year that it was great, and changed their view on the world (or something like that), so I'm looking forward to it.
After that it's a barbeque at noon, and a concert in the evening.
Hopefully I maybe find a good study spot in the time between. I need it. :)

One more thing I have to mention is the way I wake up so early every morning. I wake up before the alarm every day! It's amazing! ME! Who easily sleeps til noon no matter when I go to bed. I hope this continues.

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