torsdag 29. september 2011

Apeshit on Ebay & Etsy!

Today I only had a morning class at 0830, so I was planning to read for my three upcoming tests next week.

That didn't happen.......
I am not giving up yet, because there's still a couple of hours until Greys, but I've
spoiled a lot of hours on just browsing ebay, facebook, etsy, and etc...
And I am not closing the windows empty handed. :/
There will not be any funny business or spontanous events for me for the rest of the semester.

This is what's coming my way:

Camera Strap x2

And since I in a way only have one camera that needs a camera strap
I bought a camera as well. A Canon AE-1 Program!

 And a bundle of different films......
(the ones on the picture, and one B&W)

I also bought a flash.
There was so much more that I wanted, but I'm starting to get poor,
so I hope I can control myself.


I knew that it was a bad idea giving me 
my whole student loan 
at once..

But I'm happy!

Now I just have to learn how to take pictures. 


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