fredag 30. september 2011

The American Way

I looked in my calendar today and saw that from now until exams period starts in December, I only have one week without any form of tests! How crazy is that?

I was ready for midterms and such, but this is really a change of pace.
I have three midterms in two of my classes, and two in my others. In Biopsychology I have a video assignment where I have to learn the class something about the brain. Then in Health Psychology, and Evolutionary Psychology I have to write a term paper in APA, 10 pages, w/11 references. I Neuropsych we´ve been given a pretend patient with a condition (my patient's got a blow to a part in his occipital lobe) and we have to present for the class the severity of this condition, what he will struggle with, can't do, and how he can be sent bacl to his work (our guy is a ballet dancer who appreciates graphic design of course). Our prof. in Psychology of Learning just likes giving out mysterious test questions, like "a young man i hypnotized.........thinks he's getting burned with a cigarette, but it's a piece of chalk... discoloration and a blister appear where the chalk touched the young mans skin.... - how can you apply Pavlovian conditioning to this?"
All these midterms are approx 80 min, so that's not that bad. They differ from short answer, long answer, to multiple choice, definitions, etc.
Then from Dec 2nd to 16th I'm gonna have five finishing exams.

Last week I had two tests. One was in Neuropsychology, and required us to tell in detail what happened in our nervoussystem when we did a special movement (raised or left leg and slapped it with our right after our prof. snaps her fingers). The time went by soooo fast, but I wrote all the time. I got an A-!
That was awesome!
The second was in Biopsychology, and was with multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and definitions. Not as easy as you might expect. But I struggled my way to a B because I had memorized all the cranial nerves. I lost a lot because I hadn't put any effort in remembering all the neurotransmittors, and other drugs, and that covered the whole definitions section almost. :/

Like I mentioned before, next week I start it all off with a test in Health psychology on monday 3rd, then Psychology of Learning test on wednesday 5th, and a test in Evolutionary Psychology on friday 7th! Whooopey!
I also have to my outline for the Health Psych term paper ready on friday. I'm not sure, but I am considering writing about Hazards of alcohol, with focus on Korsakoff syndrome. But I haven't checked the amount of research articles out there yet.

The Outdoor club is going to Jasper for camping, and I'm staying home preparing for my tests.
Later today I'm going grocery shopping, and I'm actually really excited! o_0


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