mandag 30. mai 2011

I Shit you NOT!

No, no, no, no, no, NO!!!!
I thought there was no possible way that I would screw this up.
This was something too exciting for me to mess up.
I had it ALL planned!

Deposit, check
Plane tickets, Check,
even pre and post accomodation was almost in order.
But noooo, my head was to preoccupied with my exams, so I forgot
FORGOT, that the rest of the payment was due last friday!

My head was totally fixed on the beginning of June. How can 8 weeks from 20th of July become the first week of June? That's absurd! That's my mind for ya!

I'm totally beginning to think that I do this shit on purpose(unconsciously), and I would seriously have been crying if it weren't for that I'm seated in the school's library.

I have sent a pleading mail to Harnas, and begged for them to not give up my spot!
The biggest problem, I think, is that it takes approx 8 weeks to get a work visa, and they can't apply for that before I have paid the full amount! If it weren't for that I think they would have said that it was ok, because it's a huge investment for us volunteers. But if I'm not guaranteed work visa when I arrive Namibia, it's no point in me going. :(

Oh, how painfull that was to write. I REALLY wanna GO!!
It's the only thing that have kept me through my exam(s).

Now two girls in my class asked for an assignment I was supposed to do (We have split up 30 exam questions so we have those to read as revising). That one assignment sucked, and I chose to ignore it. Now I have two girls that relied on me, who does not get that one question because I do not have my head in the game. I feel bad about that to, but I do not have time to do it.
Or maybe I can do it while I wait for mail from Harnas. At least roughly. I need something else to think about, but I do not have the focus to read.

Cross my fingers, hope to die! - Please let me be able to go to Namibia! :(

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