mandag 30. mai 2011

There IS a God!

Photo: Property of Harnas

Oh yeah, I said it, I meant it, I'm here to represent it!

I'm not totally in the clear yet, because I have not yet gotten the money that was supposed to transferred from a checking account to my bank account.
I did not have the nerves to wait for that mail, so I did the assignment ("Personality and stability. What does the research say"), and then I called Harnas.

Yes sir, I called Namibia. Can't wait for the phone bill. I actually have no idea how much they take for phonecalls outside of Scandinavia, let alone Europe. :/

BUT, the fantastic female on the phone told me that as long as I sent the receipt ASAP it would all be alright. I can not relax before that receipt is sent, and I really want my money NOW.

So you can imagine my awesome study focus at the moment. Nawt! Memorizing personlaity psychology is not on the top of my to do list at the moment, so I only read half heartedly.

Yesterday I went on and on about leather journals. That seems so little right about now.
Screw the leather journal. All I wanna do is be able to travel to Harnas! ;-)

Edit: I have gotten my money, and will transfer it in the next few minutes!
All's well, that ends well?

I Shit you NOT!

No, no, no, no, no, NO!!!!
I thought there was no possible way that I would screw this up.
This was something too exciting for me to mess up.
I had it ALL planned!

Deposit, check
Plane tickets, Check,
even pre and post accomodation was almost in order.
But noooo, my head was to preoccupied with my exams, so I forgot
FORGOT, that the rest of the payment was due last friday!

My head was totally fixed on the beginning of June. How can 8 weeks from 20th of July become the first week of June? That's absurd! That's my mind for ya!

I'm totally beginning to think that I do this shit on purpose(unconsciously), and I would seriously have been crying if it weren't for that I'm seated in the school's library.

I have sent a pleading mail to Harnas, and begged for them to not give up my spot!
The biggest problem, I think, is that it takes approx 8 weeks to get a work visa, and they can't apply for that before I have paid the full amount! If it weren't for that I think they would have said that it was ok, because it's a huge investment for us volunteers. But if I'm not guaranteed work visa when I arrive Namibia, it's no point in me going. :(

Oh, how painfull that was to write. I REALLY wanna GO!!
It's the only thing that have kept me through my exam(s).

Now two girls in my class asked for an assignment I was supposed to do (We have split up 30 exam questions so we have those to read as revising). That one assignment sucked, and I chose to ignore it. Now I have two girls that relied on me, who does not get that one question because I do not have my head in the game. I feel bad about that to, but I do not have time to do it.
Or maybe I can do it while I wait for mail from Harnas. At least roughly. I need something else to think about, but I do not have the focus to read.

Cross my fingers, hope to die! - Please let me be able to go to Namibia! :(

søndag 29. mai 2011

Journals on the brain!

I LOVE norwegian sayings in English!
"Goodbye on the bathroom you old chocolate!" - In our defense, it rhymes in norwegian. ;-)

But that's not the point of this post, because I really have journals on the brain.
I can't think of anything else these days. I should revise for my exam, and I do...., occationally.
When I am off to Africa this summer, and to Canada for that matter, I want to take a real nice looking leather journal so I can write about what I experience. If there is one thing I have learned from all those years in school, it is that memory is forever fickle. ;-)
I also want the possibility of sticking a few photos in there, so it can't be one of those mini leather journals. AND, I am very picky about it, and want the perfect one, so I have scoured the internet and come up with some favourites.
I am really not a good writer or what not, so I think I will have more of a scrapbook approach.
Drawing a bit, jotting down some thoughts, important events (I have now touched a cheetah!), and so on. 

"The Nomad" Distressed Leather Journal

Click to Enlarge
La Bella Vita & Company
- I think this one is gorgeous, but I'm gonna choose 
"bombshell" leather instead of this on the picture. 
Bombshell leather resembles the leather on the journal 
two down. And the quote will be one related to travel, 
or my initials.

FREE SHIPPING Personal travel Camel Leather Bound Black Blank Diary/Journal/Notebook/Sketchbook-A perfect Gift

Large Brown Handmade Leather Journal / Sketchbook / Wedding Guestbook  . wood button (320pgs)
Etsy - La Paperie
This is a possible winner. It's large, and can keep
a lot of pictures, tickets, ramblings, etc.

Handcrafted leather book, fossil embellishment, with fine art paper 9x7

On the Wings of  Valkyries... Handmade Leather Journal with a Wing

FREE SHIPPING- Monk Leather Journal

Rogue Journals - Hemingway's Favourite
Beautiful! Hemingway's Favourite might be my favourite to.

Large Handbound Leather Journal / Sketch / Guestbook . Deep Burgundy with Golden Hook Clasp . 9x6 . 320 pgs

"Not all those who wander are lost" ~J.R.R. Tolkien

"Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything."  ~Charles Kuralt

"There are only two emotions in a plane:  boredom and terror."  ~Orson Welles

"Just get on any major highway, and eventually it will dead-end in a Disney parking area large enough to have its own climate, populated by large nomadic families who have been trying to find their cars since the Carter administration."  ~Dave Barry

"If God had really intended men to fly, he'd make it easier to get to the airport."  ~George Winters

"It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent." ~Dave Barry