søndag 27. mars 2011

Psychological research methods are GREAT!

A tad irony there in the headline,
'cause this is not my finest moment.

For a month now I've had the theme for my
hypothetical research project ready.
It's a home exam, and you have the oppurtunity 
to finish quite early if you just work hard.
Last thursday, a month in to the project, I still
had 0, zero, nada, zip, words.

I'm not shocked though, it's preliminary procedure 
every time I have my exams.
Therefore I decided I had to create something to
spice up my dicipline.

The result was nothing more than a bet with a contract
that stated that my exam had to be done before
 March 31st, or else I had to give 1000 NOK to my friend.

:o Jeebus! 

Three days into my contract I have 5 of my 8-10 pages!
Waddaaaaap! ;)

Sunday is holy, so today I rest!

.... or internet shop. ;)

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