mandag 21. mars 2011

Afrika 25% Completed!

Scene : study hall 
Mission: Assignment in psychological Research Methods 
Stat : Fail

You read me, I have so far perfectly failed to do my mission for the day. My goal was a thousand words at the end of the day, but it has been reduced to the mere hope of 500. Since I now am writing a blog entry it is fair to say that there will not be a huge amount of studying today. Alright, the clock has not yet passed noon, so there are the horizon.
So, what have i done today except checking facebook, my e-mail, and the daily online newspapers? 
Besides training my right thigh with 10 rm X 3, I can tell you that i now am 25% ready to go to Namibia!!  <3 That is happiness. 

For the last hundred years i have dreamt about working as a volunteer at a wildlife resort. every year i get this kick and search the web for every possibility out there. The last month was one of this kicks, but i got a little further than just planning. I printed out an application and decided to just hear about the oppurtunities to come this summer. It is quite a popular destination so i wasn’t hopeful. But hell, they had an open spot at end of july and out august.

I took the leap, and are now booked as a volunteer at Harnas Wildlife Foundation at the end of summer.

I am so excited!!

I have taken more and more responsibility for my own adventures, and after a lot of years where I have failed to get memorable summer holidays 'cause all my friends had plans that did not envolve me, and I was to shy to ask (wow did I sound like Bitter-Betty), I finally understood that I am the only one responsible for my experiences. So, Singapore last easter, Egypt last December,and now Namibia in summer. The only thing missing is the exchange spot to Canada in Fall. 

If I don't make the time, I will never get the time.
And it is now, while I don't have a full-time job, or other obligations that tie me down, that the dreams should be set in motion. Five weeks in Namibia is not a sweet deal (moneywise), so I am lucky to have some funds saved up. But still, it will most likely be an awesome experience!
So today I paid the deposit which guarantees me the spot!

Harnas Wildlife Foundation sees the potential in all animals and seek to give them a second chance at life. It is a welfare and rehabilitation centre where you find problem animals, injured animals, unwanted pets, and orphaned baby animals.

"As a volunteer you will be involved in all the daily activities which will include food preparation, feeding, caretaking, cleaning and building of enclosures, waterholes and fences, fence patrol on horseback, game counting, animal studies, helping in the children’s day care centre, research on rehabilitated animals, fear factor games, survivor games, dress up nights, bush walks as well as animal walks and star gazing."

Problem animals cause significant damage to the farmer and their livelihood. The farmer percieves this as a threat which should be dealt with decisively. Farmers resort by necessity to any means possible to rid themselves of these problem animals. The Namibians nature conservation is overburdened to help in every instances and this is where Harnas steps in to fill the void. Harnas provide advice, collects caught animals and stimulate positive solutions to the continuous problems between farmers and the wild animals of Namibia whenever possible.

Injured animals are those caught in pouching traps and other devices. Harnas is unable to relocate them if they are hurt beyond their normal recovery state, and therefore they recieve medical care, assistance and love so they can live when they would have died.

Unwanted pets are the worst and most commonly found problem. People try to domesticate wild animals, and loose control when they rapidly mature and gain strength. This results in owners "different" means of treatments (alcohol, drugs, and violence) which is abuse and can lead to the the animals death.

Orphaned baby animals come to Harnas because their mothers are dead as a result from human hunters, poachers, and road accidents. Presented to Harnas, sometimes only a day old, they recieve intensive around the clock care and attention. The main goal is to try and release them back into the wild when they are at the age where they can fend for themselves.

"'N mzungu. 'N doel.
'N begeerte om'n verskil te maak.
Van 'n winter stad in die noorde
tot by die Afrika-vlaktes."

Information about Harnas was found at their homepage: 

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