torsdag 15. desember 2011

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji!!

If you have not seen it yet, watch The Cove!!
Every September a secluded cove in Taiji becomes the hot spot for a mass murder of thousands of dolphins! 

Some people will put out comments like it is natural to kill animals, and they die instantly. Yes, some say that with the right weapon and targeting the right spot, a dolphin may die almost instantly, but what about the fact that they watch their friends and family die in front of them, and waiting to be speared them selves. The killing in Taiji is not carefully planned to be as humane as possible. They get chased into a cove with sharp and loud noises that scare them, trapped inside and kept over night. Then dolphin trainers can come and pick out dolphins that they want for their show. Taiji export dolphins to dolphin centres all over the world, like Sea World! The dolphins that isn't chosen, gets dragged around a bay into the secluded cove and slaughtered. baby dolphin or mama dolphin, they'll get speared!


 The Cove colored with blood after a slaughter

Even if you are dead inside and couldn't care less about animal rights, you might have heard about mercury poisoning or the Minamata disease. Minamata was the place they first discovered mercury disease because an industrial factory, Chisso Corporations, dumped methylmercury in the industrial wastewater. This was in 1956, and it led to a severe neurological syndrome. Symptoms include ataxia, numbness in the hands and feet, general muscle weakness, narrowing of the visual field and damage to hearing and speech. In extreme cases, insanity, paralysis, coma, and death follow within weeks of the onset of symptomes. A congential form of the disease can also affect fetuses in the womb. Dolphin meat has a really high consentration of mercury, so it is not good for you to consume a lot of this type of meat. Although scientists do not agree about the extent of the dangers about it. 

Dolphin meat is not popular as food. People like these animals, to watch and interact with them, so where does all this meat go? A lot of the dolphin meat are acctually mislabelled as whale meat. This is horrendous! Every individual should be able to choose what they expose themselves to. This is deceit, big time! By buying whale meat, which you think are safe, you might be ingesting dolphin meat and a high dose of methylmercury! When TheCove where filmed the schools where given free "whale" meat to serve the children at lunch. In Japan, lunch is mandatory and you have to eat it all. 

Why don't people do anything? Well the government in Japan is working hard to cover all this up. And to put a stop to this we have to spread the message around

It will continue every year......

This is one in many blog posts to come! This is only a fraction of the information you get from watching the Cove. They say you shouldn't have to fly to Taiji, because their is a lot you can do from where you are. Sign petitions, spread the message, write to the government of places like Taiji. I wish I could fly to Taiji! 

NB: Pictures are taken from the documentary The Cove

mandag 12. desember 2011

Another semester is over....

Goodbye Prince George, I'll miss you! Or I'll miss UNBC, and all the awesome people! <3 I've packed my bags, cleaned out my room, and is sitting on two huge suitcases and a Carry on. With this I'm gonna make my way to Vancouver where I'll stay for a couple of days before I go home. I can't wait to go home!! My bestest friend Siri will pick me up (hopefully with a norwegian flag! hint hint). :p But Vancouver is going to be fun as well! :D Just chillaxing and spending the rest of my money, maybe on some christmas gifts. :D Well, I don't know if I can fit more stuff in my suitcase, but hey, what's a trip without some overweight ey? ;)

Prince George, you have been so welcoming!
I've felt like you took good care of me, and I am sad to leave.

This is for you:

Look what I found at the grocery store! :D

Where I lived for three months

One of my crazy ass, cutie patootie, roommates

Sushi! <3

Sarah has a problem. She's addicted to dying her hair. ;)

Not my finest moment. :p

My finest moment..... 0.o (Thanksgiving)

Northern Sports Centre aka the Gym

I spent a couple of times here..... 

Snow <3

My other cute roommate! :)

A group of awesome kids! <3



Fire Alarm is awesome! 

Posing in the autumn sun! :p Lol

Posing with the scenery

We trapped our selves inside a cage next to a jackal (aka fixing roof)


The prettiest Owl Ever!!

Cutest dog! 

Cutest Miniature Owls!! <3

Cute little church

............ ........... ............ ........... .........

<3 ttyl <3

lørdag 10. desember 2011

Saturday Fun!

Exam in Psychology of Learning, Saturday, 6-9 pm! 

The entire Saturday is ruined. 
The only thing you can do is sit around and 
wait for the exam. I know I should read more, 
but you loose you're groove!
It's depressing having an exam that late, 
and on the weekends.

The positive thing is that in two days my Christmas break starts!
Two exams left, and I'm on the bus to Vancouver.
I'm taking the Greyhound down, and staying there for 5 days.
Shopping, Sleeping, Sightseeing- the three S's


Three hours until my exam!
It's gonna be a hard one, 
but I don't know what I should focus on.
Well, I know what I can't understand, 
and that that might be essential to know,
but it's so complicated! At the sight of a mathematical 
equation, I throw up a little in my mouth!


Well, enjoy your saturday guys. Don't think about me. I'll be here, in my room, staring hopelessly at my books, hoping some more information sticks to my polytetrafluoroethylene brain!


tirsdag 6. desember 2011

Call it What You Want

A friend at UNBC, Ida, is making a music video to a song by Foster the People (Call it What you Want), and casting us UNBC students to make a UNBC music video. I'm not gonna say to much, but we are randomly assigned to do varies poses/shots around campus. I may or may not have been playing drums in the shower! ;) This video filming thing is so much more fun than reading to my exams, and that is why the time is 11:30pm and I have three more chapters to read before my exam tomorrw, and I also should have done some revising, but at least if I just get through all the text I may have a shot. :p

It's gonna be fun to see the finished product!
Ida is really creative, so let us just hope that
her props (us) is doing a good enough job posing. :p

Now I'm loaded up on Rockstar and ready for an all nighter! 
Evolutionary psych exam : here I come!


søndag 4. desember 2011

My Video Assignment in BioPsych

We had to make a video on a topic from our Biopsychology course, and I chose Narcolepsy. This is the result:

I dislike exam periods! :(
The next week consists of 5 exams, and revising! I'm locked up in my room, trying to study....

.........Merry Christmas..........

søndag 27. november 2011

You HAVE to watch the "Soul Surfer"

Soul Surfer is a movie based on a true story about a girl, for which surfing
is her life! A horrible accident forces her to rethink her life, and it makes
her see that there is more to life than surfing: Love! Compassion! Life!

Bethany Hamilton may have lost an arm in a shark attack, but that did not
stop her from keep on going! This is an amazing, heartfelt, awe-inspiring story
about a girl with a will and strength you could only imagine. 
God works in mysterious ways? Yes, indeed! 

I will not tell the entire story, even though I really want to.
You should really see it. I saw it for the 2nd time today, and it still
moves me. It gives you some perspective, and maybe motivation to
take a challenge and believing that you can do it!

Because, You Can!
Everything is possible for those who believe. ;)


Bethany Hamilton, you are an inspiring, unique person!

NB: If you haven't connected the dots: This is a cry-fest! :D

AnnaSophia Robb, who plays Bethany, and Bethany Hamillton

fredag 25. november 2011

The Wombats Rocks!

$25 !!! That's what I had to spend on a ticket to a bad ass The Wombats concert, with two rather fun warm up bands : The Strait Jackets, & The Postelles
$25 is nothing!

The Strait Jackets were cool. They had energy and style. You could see that they weren't that experienced, and the vocalist managed to rip out the cable from the mic two times, so the drummer had to sing while he fumbled it together again. :p

The Postelles were more classy, and experienced. They were my favourite of the guest bands.

The Wombats was Awesome! They started with Our Perfect Disease, which is one of my favourite songs. The rest of the concert just flew by, with hit after hit, after hit. <3

As you can see we were close to the bass player, so he bacame our main focus.
He did not disappoint, with an insane energy!